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Welcome to Burger King!

Our restaurant, which falls under Amrest s.r.o.'s restaurant network, is one of the 15,000 Burger King restaurants that you can find all over the world. Did you know that, for example, almost 40,000,000 pieces of legendary Whoppers are sold in Europe every year? Yes, you are reading correctly! Since 1954, when Burger King originated in Miami, America, we have become a world-famous and popular brand.

We strive for a fully-fledged restaurant, where cleanliness and safety are a matter of course for us. Every day we try to make your order quick, warm and fresh and all in a very friendly environment.

And what can you give us?

You can choose over 15 beef burger with 100% beef grilled on fire, chicken burgers, 3 kinds of tortillas and all of which you can put either alone, in the menu or in the box. For your kids we have a children's menu.
In each of our burger we have fresh vegetables from Czech suppliers.
And if you are still hungry? You can get something extra for just $ 29.
Of course we have a card payment, we accept the Gastro, Ticket and Cheque vouchers. We also have discounts for ISIC or ALIVE card holders.
And the best in the end! You can have the same burger with us every time! How is it possible? Thanks to our motto Have it your way, you can change any of the raw materials for another of our offer in the burger.

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