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BUSHMAN is a clothing brand for men and women who like to be close to nature, are ready to enjoy every day adventure, face the unpredictable, and feel comfortable in every situation. Timelessness and functionality are placed before fashion trends. In our collections you will find comfortable clothing not only for nature rambling and demanding work meetings but also for relaxed sit-downs with friends and family.

Our philosophy is to be guided by common sense but also follow your instinct. Have passion for nature, traveling, discovery and new challenges every day, while looking and feeling good; all of this is what it means to be BUSHMAN .

When you start your journey whether it’s in the wilderness or the city, you have to rely on your instincts, determination, and friends but also on your equipment and clothing. We produce almost exclusively from cotton, leather, wool, bamboo and linen. Traditional textiles are processed with modern methods and we are able to reach unbeatable qualities.

Because we love to enjoy the outdoors, we don ́t want to leave mountains of unrecyclable waste. We want the clothing to go back to the nature after it has served its purpose. We care about the people who come after us to have the same conditions as we do. That is the reason we produce from natural materials that are easy to recycle after their lifetime.

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