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Fruitisimo is the fruitiest bar in your neighborhood. You can find it at more than 50 locations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and its network is expanding every day. Despite its Italian-sounding name, with which the brand shows its passion for fruit, Fruitisimo is a Czech company. At Fruitisimo stores, you can taste fresh juices and smoothies, handmade ice cream, cakes baked with love, cups of freshly ground coffee and a healthy fruit or vegetable goodness. The Fruitisimo brand is best characterized by its slogan LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE, i. e. a healthy active lifestyle, fun, smile and a passion for what Fruitisimo does. That is where Fruitisimo sees its virtue: "What is our secret recipe? It's not faster blenders or stronger squeezers. It's about the people. We love what we do, and you will know it at every visit."

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