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MEATFLY is one of the largest Czech brands engaged in manufacturing of clothing for active lifestyle in the Czech Republic. The original focus on skateboarding / snowboarding has evolved over time into a wide range of clothes and accessories for today.

Meatfly is based on the true roots of skateboarding. We create our own style, fit and design. We work with only the best manufacturers who have created our own material that fits us perfectly. We are proud to trust our loyal suppliers and our team of designers creates a brand that has established itself even beyond the Czech market.

Our winter collection is indeed the most sought-after, but it is not our only concern.

MEATFLY products include protective equipment (helmets, back and upper body protectors), goggles, gloves, diverse streetwear collections for summer and winter, and a wide range of practical accessories (covers, sunglasses, backpacks, bags, headphones and more).

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